Monday, December 15, 2008

"Rising Up" by AL'Asia and Akhirrrrrr

Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrates the phrase, "Rising Up." He started off just as a small boy with a dream. He read many books about heroes and a dream started to grow inside of him. He was inspired and he dreamed of becoming a hero himself. Martin Luther King just started out as a preacher at his fathers church. Once Martin Luther King graduated from college and got out more in the world, along with his wife Coretta Scott-King, he started to see the many problems in the world. He saw the racism, slavery, beatings, and killings in the world and he wanted to do something about it...but how? He started to protest and started boycotts to end seperation between races.
He influenced young African-American children to protest against seperation when he went to jail, and the younder kids followed in his footsteps (to get the message out)

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