Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If I was a Reporter for a day....

If I was a reporter for a day, I would travel to Africa and report about the positive aspects of this country. Most of the time when people watch movies about Africa, they see killing and other perils that can occur in Africa. Even though this is true, there are still many wonders of Africa that is not being shown as often as it could be. It's not like I'm avoiding the fact that some parts of Africa need help, but I am trying to point out some wonders of this beautiful country. It is a country of magnificent treasures and cultures... from the 16th century university in Timbuktu to the breathtaking architectures of Africa. There would be so many treasures that I would like to explore there like the Great Pyramid. I wish more people could know and teach these things about Africa to their children. This is something I would definitely do as a reporter in Africa.

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