Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1920's Harlem Renaissance by Akhir

I absolutely adore the 1920's. The style, the classy look and shiny pin curls and tight buns. It was all very......admirable. But of course not as....Good for the African-Americans. It was what the white people had; that is what I adore. The jewelry, the knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes......Once again it was not that way for African Americans. I am, myself an African American and I want what they had. Or I just want SOMETHING. Sometimes it feels like I'm chasing a lost dream. Seeming so far away from what I want.....Even with the 1920's gone, it still feels like we're seperated by some border line, but this time not by race.....But by money. Ahhh, the 1920's, when candy costs no more than a penny, and a bottle of root beer was a dime. I wish I was there. But then again.......In order to get all that: the jewelry, the laughter, the Mary Jane shoes.....I couldn't be what I am now. An African-American.....If only I could go back and get all that but stay myself. And be myself. But things aren't always like that. Not now, not ever.

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