Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pressure by Akhir

Teachers expect alot from adolescents these days, I don't think it was like that when our parents or grandparents were teenagers, really....Before then you could drop out and work at some gas station or McDonalds or Wendy's and be able to live off change. Before now it was 1 cents for a piece of gum or 25 cents for a pack of cigarettes.....But now? Not only is the economy failing but your furture is in the hands of overworked and underpayed teenagers. With all this work packed on our shoulders kids are dropping out quicker, more kids are cheating on test, more kids are stealing.....Everything is out of control because of the pressure. Pressure. Yes i said it pressure..........Pressure from the parents, pressure from the teachers, pressure from the economy, and everything is building on our fragile shoulders. I don't finish my homework until 9 now, and this has been this way since 5th or 6th grade............ "A" students even have trouble keeping their grades, and i should know......Your future depend on us,but there isn't going to be a future if this continues. So it seems.

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