Monday, December 8, 2008

Missing by A'lAsia and Akhir

Just incase you didn't know human trafficking is: kidnapping underaged children, or adults for prostitution and degrading them. The "pimps" take the children to different locations all over the world. Human trafficking is a sick "game" far as you know, your father could be participating in such degrading, disgusting acts with a child the same age as his own daughter. Doctors do it, policeman do it, your dentist does it.......It's wrong yet people still do it. I think the people who do it are sick, and maybe they are so depressed that they can't find someone of their own age. That they go as far as taking the innocents of children and using them for their own SICK needs and pleasures. Although, it may not always be for that, it may be that they feel powerful. That somehow, in their head, they think they have control over the situation. In someways this is true, but it is also (once again) sickening. How can someone live with themselves, knowing that they have harmed a child to the point where they are mentally and physically disabled? They do this all over the world, and the reason why we have suddenly decided to speak up about this disgusting subject is because the movies they broadcast that give awareness to people to keep their children close. And I one-hundred percent agree that it is important to keep your child by your side in public places.

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