Wednesday, January 14, 2009

undercovered fakes by osha

Iwent the hair dresser and she made all my hair fall out. Surprisingly i'm not the only one who this has happened to. many of my friends tell me their story. they eighther hear that the salon is great or the dressers tell customers how great they are. i went to the dresser expecting to walk out beautiful which i did . soon as i got home my hair was a me . i won't send my worst enemy to her. some people say their the best just to take people's money, and that's just what happen to me.a word of encouragement see if your dresser have any awards.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The NFL Playoffs.

So far the NFL Playoffs are turning out as no one had expected. It has been a surprise to me at what teams are still alive. The Cardinals,come on they were in a weak division and had an 8-8 regular season record. The Philadelphia Eagles come on they had an 7-8 record with 1 tie. Also the top teams, The New York Giants and The Tennesee Titans had got dethrowned and they had kept the streak running being the team as the top seed not winning the Superbowl. But, if you have any comments you can comment on this little article. The Philadelphia Eagles are going all the way this year baby!!


its never a good time for a child 2 experience abuse.such as on keyshia cole neffy was abused by men in her family.wen kids experience that its very emotional. their adulthood will be challenging,an emotional rollercoaster.i know as kids we are sometimes afraid of adults but not all.thats probably why some kids dont tell that their being abused because its frightning and scary for them.could you imagine having a life full of abuse, i know shocking.

Wii Haters(who knew!) by Mani Fresh

I swear to beans that what you are about to read is real. On Christmas day a couple exchanged gifts as usual. But there was a problem with one of them. The boyfriend, Heath Blom, got a Wii instead of a remote control airplane like he wanted. Now I know what your thinking I will take a Wii over an airplane or lucky guy. Blom got mad about it and as the girlfriend, Randi Young, has about to leave Blom pulled her hair. This was not a playful pull but a I'm gona hit you pull. Young turned around and punched him. After that they started fighting each other. Now they are sentenced to stay away from each other.

Runaway Love by Andranae

When is it a good time to runaway from home? Many young children are constantly being sexually abuised in their homes which is why they choose to leave. However, this is not always the case because some of them leave for other reasons also.Most of the teenagers and children who runaway do not have someone to talk to them about their problems ,or they simply don't have any protection from harm.There is a song by Ludacris featuring Mary J.Blige that tells the story of diffferent situations for why some children run away from home. Who would want to live under the circumstances of being raped or beaten? Your home should be a place of comfort and security. If that is not the case, then what else can someone do if no one is helping them through their problems, but run way? A bad time to runaway from home would be if you have a diasagreement with your parent. Small problems like this should not be handled by running away because it can be easily resolved through conversation. I'm not saying that bigger issues than that one can't be resolved, but that it is more difficult to be resolved. This is true for a lot of people, so they runaway to find comfort and security that they crave.

"Nothing else to do but get her clothes and pack...She says she's 'bout to runaway and never come back"

The word IMPOSSIBLE by Imani

Impossible is a word that makes people believe that they can't do something.When people say the word IMPOSSIBLE, they don't believe in trying.."IMPOSSIBLE is a word found only in the dictionary of fools" by Napoleon Bonaparte.Napoleon Bonaparte's quote means that fools only have a dictionary with the word impossible in it.Smart people have the intelligent word, POSSIBLE written in thier dictionary.IMPOSSIBLE belongs to fools. POSSIBLE belongs to intelligence.

A Life Well Spent by AlAsia

Very disturbing news just came to attention that the inspiring, and very talented celebrity Michael Jackson has a very rare lung difficiency. Because of being falsley accused of violating a young boy drove Jackson into a life of despare. Going through this crisis forced Jackson to calm his nerves with many painkillers and drinking a large amount of alcohol. Filling his body with the combination of booze and alcohol weakened his lungs. The doctors note shows that the King of Pop may only have six months to live. The disease is fatal and Jackson may need a lung transplant to survive. He is very weak and he spends most of his days in bed. Michael can walk,but not for long. The only time he goes out now is to take his kids to the bookstore, but he can't be out for more than an hour. Hearing that my favorite singer of all time has this disease put me under a lot of pressure. I am now waiting for this upcoming June to hear whether or not Michael Jackson will suirvive or not.

Dreadful Day By: Amani

In Orange County a six year old girl was found stuck in a community well breathing for her little life apparently the child found something to stand on to stay above water. The child was stuck there for two hours.As a off duty police officer strold beside the community well he heard her cries and immediately called for back up.The child was ok but she did have abroken arm and one broken finger.