Monday, October 27, 2008

JJs political election facts

Do you want senator Barack Obama or senator John mccian to win the election. Before you vote, think about each candidate is doing and how it will help the economy. Barack obama promises to stop global warming and to lower taxes. On the flip side John McCain wants to continue the war. The decision is yours!
Before you vote, think about that horrible catastrophes that we need to focus on today. If you are related to someone in the war or even if you know someone in the war you probably would want them to come home. In this case senator obama might be your candidate. If you want Iraq to be taught a lesson than senator mccain might be the guy for you.

Now, let’s talk about taxes. Barack Oama taxes now to make it lower for people of the middle class. John McCain recommends that taxes continue to rise for us to pay for our basic needs; such as schools and hospitals. My question to you is who do you agree with? It doesn’t seem as if our necessities are all going to be permanently fixed so to me going with obamas advice seems best.

So the choice is yours. On November 4 you and the world will make a difference by seeing the next United States president of 2008.

See poem below: Election Day!
The election is near
The people will cheer
When they witness the date of November 4th
The music will play
And all the flags will soar
Then the crowd will roar
The president will stand
And raise his hand
At his own pace
Look at the nation with a smile on his face



My name is ALAsia. My favorite movie is Titanic. It is a very good movie dealing with drama, romance, and decisions. I highly recommend it. My favorite TV show is Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. I like this show because Tyler Perry not only puts comedy in the show, but he puts real life situations and tragedies that may occur in real-life. My favorite hobbies are talking on the phone, going shopping, and writing. But, enough about me lets get down to business.This here is my blog. Here I get to talk about ANYTHING.So right now let’s talk sports.If you like you like football. I could hook you up…sometimes. If you’re a Redskins fan then, you have officially become my new best friend. If you’re a fan of any other team…then I am embarrassed FOR you! Sunday, October 19, 2008 Redskins take the gold winning 14-11 playing the Cleveland Browns. Go Redskins!Now let’s talk politics.Last night October 7, 2008 was the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack Obama has this election in the bag we already know who’s going to win on November 2, 2008.People say that kids aren’t allowed to vote because we’re not all that informed with politics and economics and all the issues, but isn’t that our decision? But now we kids get to speak our mind for once. You can go to to vote and say what you feel about the election.Did you know that in North Korea they have nuclear power plants that produce plutonium to make bombs? But now the FBI is on the case. They are shutting down all power plants to prevent this from happening.Well, that’s all for AL-TIMERS today. Tune in next time! Hope you enjoyed your daily news.


Let’s see celebrities on red carpet:

Is Toonami gone FOREVER?

Has our famed anime schedule block been abolished by recently showed old movies no one watches anymore? Does anyone still care about the Japanese cartoon world? I know some people out there don't like Japanese stuff, if you're reading this and you're one of those people you might want to go to someone else's blog. NOW! Anyways,( in my opinion some of the best shows on Cartoon Network were featured on Toonami) like-


Blue Dragon

Zatch Bell

Samurai Jack

Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo

Dragon Ball Z


and most important of all....


My resources tell me that Cartoon Network is upgrading our beloved Toonami into something even cooler! But whos to say that I'm right? Lets see what you can find out. If you can find any new or different facts about the most awesome of times on Saturday night,(Toonami), you know where to post it!

If you ain't down wit anime, then here's what I say............

Beat it.......... just


Cowboys & redskins

Andrew W.
Let’s talk about sports

I know the redskins are mad. They was supposed to be on a winning streak & they let them bum Rams beat them. And that rookie punter, Durant Brooks, he might be getting da boot himself. What a world. And the Cowboys they’re mad too. Their QB Tony Romo broke his pinkie and could be out for a month.
Guess what all you Clemson football fans, you all must’ve been fed up with your old one because you all got a new coach. If anyone wants to talk or comment then just type me up. To tell the truth, I’m not a real sports fan I just wanted to get something cooking. If you want to add something to this holla at your boy.

Is Danity Kane Broken Up?


DIDDY just kicked D. Woods
and Aubrey out of Danity Kane
Diddy said he isn’t angry for the choice
he made. He said it is up to the remaining

ladies to see if they want their girls back . DAMAGED
is what the group is. Will this effect day 26 and Donnie
love for their lady group, well the fans are so DAMAGED.{TEARS}

By Phresh Prince

Washington's Drought by Darren

Redskins suffer huge drought to the winless St. Louis Rams.

My name is Darren and I think The Washington Redskins are still the best premiere teams in the NFL. But, on Sunday October 12 the Redskins lost to the winless St. Louis Rams 19-17. I think we lost because of the many turnovers we had made during the game. So if any of you daring fans want to hit me back you can.

Also, The Washington Redskins will beat The Dallas Cowboys on November 16 and we WILL shut out Tony Romo and Terrell ‘’cry because I don’t get the ball’’ Owens. So now what?! Also the St. Louis Rams had also beat the Dallas Cowboys on October 19,2008 with a final score of 35-14.

News2Know:Dallas fans Tony Romo had messed up his pinkey during practice and luckily he will return October 26,2008.


School Violence

There is violence ever where in school like something that happened not to long ago a girl had brought a razor blade to school and cut another student. The girl also accidentally cut herself after the fight. I know that this is wrong I did it myself but I didn’t cut anyone I’m not that bad but I suffered the same fate as her. Think about this how did she get it into the school? That is what you should be asking after reading this it’s because some schools don’t have enough money to buy metal detectors or anything to protect against violence in the school especially gun violence. What if it was not a box cutter but instead a gun and then what, one girl would not be able to walk away from the fight like she did. We need to help them, help the schools to stop the violence before it starts please spair some money and time to help them.

Crazy Stories

Crazy News around the world from the past and know
Have you heard about the lady that got shot for not cooking a man that came to her door asking her for a hamburger and she said and got shot for it.

Have you heard about the man whose swim team kept loosing so he brought an alligator put it in there practice swimming pool and gave them a head start before he put it in ,but it made them swim faster

IN ON POLOTICS(please answer my questions back I would love to hear your comments I mean this is one of the greatest debates in American history.)

How do you feel about Sarah Palen abstinent rule and no sexual education classes BUT she has a l7 year old daughter predict daughter ?

Also do you feel that it was weight for Sarah palen to fire somebody that would not fire her brother in law, and the only reason that she wanted to do this is because he wanted this was because he was divorcing her sister. How crazy is that.

By Lauryn


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