Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Field Trips by Ms. Lerenman

Students thrive when they are endowed with opportunities to build their social and cultural capital for life. These experiences will serve them well when they interview for high schools and colleges.

The pictures above show field trips to:

  • The National Museum of Health and Medicine as a culmination of our Human Body Systems unit. Students got to explore various body systems while completing a field trip guide. Students also got to do forensic science inquiries by discovering who the diseased soldier was using medical anthropology, DNA, and other forensic evidence.

  • Williamsburg and Jamestown as a reward trip for the 7th graders that showed the best academic performance and social habits. Students worked on a Social Studies project with the help of chaperons. In Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, students got to experience how the colonists, slaves, and Native Americans lived during those times.

  • The Koshland Museum for a filming of an EPA segment for "Greenscene," an environmentalist podcast that comes out every couple of weeks on the EPA website. Students got to meet the foremost expert on acid rain and were filmed doing an experiment where they measured the levels of acidity and Ph balances of various fruits, beverages, and household items to simulate the work that the EPA does when it meausures rain acidity. Students will get to watch themselves online soon!

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