Monday, October 27, 2008

JJs political election facts

Do you want senator Barack Obama or senator John mccian to win the election. Before you vote, think about each candidate is doing and how it will help the economy. Barack obama promises to stop global warming and to lower taxes. On the flip side John McCain wants to continue the war. The decision is yours!
Before you vote, think about that horrible catastrophes that we need to focus on today. If you are related to someone in the war or even if you know someone in the war you probably would want them to come home. In this case senator obama might be your candidate. If you want Iraq to be taught a lesson than senator mccain might be the guy for you.

Now, let’s talk about taxes. Barack Oama taxes now to make it lower for people of the middle class. John McCain recommends that taxes continue to rise for us to pay for our basic needs; such as schools and hospitals. My question to you is who do you agree with? It doesn’t seem as if our necessities are all going to be permanently fixed so to me going with obamas advice seems best.

So the choice is yours. On November 4 you and the world will make a difference by seeing the next United States president of 2008.

See poem below: Election Day!
The election is near
The people will cheer
When they witness the date of November 4th
The music will play
And all the flags will soar
Then the crowd will roar
The president will stand
And raise his hand
At his own pace
Look at the nation with a smile on his face


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