Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazy Stories

Crazy News around the world from the past and know
Have you heard about the lady that got shot for not cooking a man that came to her door asking her for a hamburger and she said and got shot for it.

Have you heard about the man whose swim team kept loosing so he brought an alligator put it in there practice swimming pool and gave them a head start before he put it in ,but it made them swim faster

IN ON POLOTICS(please answer my questions back I would love to hear your comments I mean this is one of the greatest debates in American history.)

How do you feel about Sarah Palen abstinent rule and no sexual education classes BUT she has a l7 year old daughter predict daughter ?

Also do you feel that it was weight for Sarah palen to fire somebody that would not fire her brother in law, and the only reason that she wanted to do this is because he wanted this was because he was divorcing her sister. How crazy is that.

By Lauryn

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