Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mysterious Feeling By Chynna

The glass shatterz
Mii heart is broken
The door openz
Mii stomach drops
i walk thru tha door
Mii head begins spinnin
I feel it
But kant touch it
I want it
But kant have it
I see it
But im blinded
Im lost
But im found
I smell it
But kant taste it
Itz comin
Itz comin
It circles around meh
Mii feet beginz 2 weaken
Mii fear beginz 2 go away
Itz gettin closer
mii heart beatz
Like a stick2 a drum
Then it happenz
It looks meh deep in mii eyez
It smilez at meh
Then it kissed meh
I think i luv it
But do i?
So wat waz it?

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