Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ms. Lerenman in the Arctic Day 3 and 4

Me wearing "hip waders" for going through the muddy wetlands site called the Fen, which is nutrient rich.

On Day 3 we got to go into the wetlands (the "Fen" site) to do GPR transmissions again. The wetlands are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Above you can see the wetlands and the hip rubber boots that I had to wear to do research out there. We had to hold the radar unit above the water to get a good reading while still making sure that the unit didn't get wet, since it would fry the electrical parts.

On Day 4, it rained and we were unable to go outside because of the sensitive equipment. Instead, we helped Steve complete his doctoral dissertation by measuring spruce needles from various sites and angles to determine their surface area...loads of fun from 8am to 6pm. We did get to go into town for a bit and saw a polar bear prison holding for polar bears that try to make lunches out of humans.

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christopher said...

polar bear prison!? Id like to see some pics of that if you get the chance. And do they kill them all, or do some get released on probation for good behavior?