Monday, January 12, 2009

A Life Well Spent by AlAsia

Very disturbing news just came to attention that the inspiring, and very talented celebrity Michael Jackson has a very rare lung difficiency. Because of being falsley accused of violating a young boy drove Jackson into a life of despare. Going through this crisis forced Jackson to calm his nerves with many painkillers and drinking a large amount of alcohol. Filling his body with the combination of booze and alcohol weakened his lungs. The doctors note shows that the King of Pop may only have six months to live. The disease is fatal and Jackson may need a lung transplant to survive. He is very weak and he spends most of his days in bed. Michael can walk,but not for long. The only time he goes out now is to take his kids to the bookstore, but he can't be out for more than an hour. Hearing that my favorite singer of all time has this disease put me under a lot of pressure. I am now waiting for this upcoming June to hear whether or not Michael Jackson will suirvive or not.

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